Seasonal HVAC Cleaning and Checkups

Customer Care Maintenance from Brewer Heating provides seasonal tune-ups and professional cleanings of your residential HVAC systems and equipment. An annual clean and check is performed on your furnace or other heating system prior to the advent of cold weather, and another is conducted on your air conditioner before the heat and humidity of the summer move in.

Customer Care Maintenance includes labor costs associated with the cleaning and service checks. It also includes priority scheduling for emergency service calls. The Customer Care Maintenance program does not include repair (labor or part) for problems found during the tune-up or an emergency service call.

Customer Care Maintenance clean and checks are performed during regular weekday business hours. To sign up for Customer Care Maintenance, click the link on this page. For more information on Brewer Heating Customer Care Maintenance, call us at 920-748-6494.

Customer Care Maintenance Benefits

  • Convenience
    • Saves time and hassle, and services are performed by an HVAC pro
    • We call or email you to schedule your visit so you don't have to worry
  • Peace of mind
    • Catch potential problems before they become expensive repairs
  • Extended equipment life
    • Postpones the need to invest in new equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment efficiency
    • Savings achieved through monthly utility bills
  • Emergency service discounts
    • 15% discount on parts
    • Flat after-hours emergency service discount
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